Wooden spinning top with mines - mabro painting spinning top

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Manufacturer: mabro

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product description

With this wooden spinning top you paint the most beautiful „gyroscopes pictures“.
The shapely wooden spinning top has a sleeve in its tip. You can inserte a graphite lead into it. The mine is interchangeable.
Use the fingers to flip the spinning top and let him dance on a sheet of paper. If the paper is on a movable surface (picture frame, tray, board, ...) you can influence the drawing. Also by blowing or touching the round stick you have influence on your painting.

In the tutorial you will find games such as: Slalom painting or road races ....

Dimensions: height: 5.5 cm; Ø 4 cm
Material: oiled beech (eco-friendly  / certified)
Product: 1x painting spinning top with sleeve and 3 mines;
incl. instructions with game suggestions; in a color printed carton
Recommended age: 5 - 13 years

instruction / games

painting spinning top video  (external link)